Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pre-Stuffing Ride

Its Thanksgiving and that usually means a lot of eating and lounging around and yes a lot of sleeping (that turkey will knock you out).
Just got back from a brisk ride. It was nice to get back on my bike even (its been in storage due to moving) though it was cold. It was a short ride (approx. 15 miles) but got a burn going here and there.

This will most likely be a rest week for me in terms of strenuous workouts mainly due to the traveling and holiday. Like I said before, rest will do you good, your body will thank you. Some of you might be like me, you get antsy if your sitting around to long so here is a quick little workout that should give you a quick pump but not strain you to much.

I find its best to do this first thing in the morning to get yourself going, but that's just my preference.

Push-Pull-Sit up. This whole routine should take no more than 10 min.

Push up 10 of each set. If you need to you can modify your push ups by kneeling, but remember to keep your back flat still
- triangle (hands make a triangle)
- military (hands directly at your side inline with about your sternum)
- standard

Pull up 7-10 of each. If you have a bar, also if you rock climb try using the jam above your doorway. Its hard but it is great for finger and grip strength (I like these) its works like a campus board. When I first started doing these it was about 5-7 max, now I am up to 12 or more.
- close
- regular

Sit ups 10-12 of each
- single knee up, one leg straight down, then switch
- knees up crunches
- oblique v-ups switch sides
- concentration crunches (these should be done very slow and concentrate on keeping your abs tight the entire way up and down, 5-7 on these)

There you go, your all done and your ready to feast away!

What are you most thankful for?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its good to be Flexible

Last nights spinning session was a bust, actually I didn't even make it to the gym because of time. It worked out fine though because I had time this morning to get to the gym (and I got to workout with my wife, double bonus).
This is where it is good to be flexible, yes its good to be able to touch your toes too, but thats not what I am getting at just yet.
I have found that keeping your workout schedule to be flexible is very important, because things do come up, everyone needs a vacation, and time is usually of the essence. Its not worth getting discouraged for missing a workout, or not being able to for a little while. Your body needs time to recover and extra rest here and there is necessary.
Usually some of my best workouts come a couple days after a week long break. Just a little word of advice

Have some sample products coming in soon...
Gu, Nutiva (organic hemp protein) and don't forget to check out TRX Suspension Trainer. If you use the 25% link, you get 25% off your entire order. Would be an excellent Christmas gift for anyone looking to get fit or that muscle head uncle of yours, and you can take it anywhere you go!

Fun question...

What is your favorite pre and post workout eats?
My answer
Pre - a wheat bagel w/2 T Smart Balance PB, sometimes more cause I like PB, glass of crystal light
Post - EAS 100% whey protein shake made with 1 banana, fat free milk, few ice cubes, some more PB and flax meal

Friday, November 20, 2009

Its Friday!

One of my favorite sports is cycling, but many times mother nature does not always cooperate. So what do I do? Get on the bike anyway, at the gym of course.
During the week as I mix up my routine, I like to throw in at least 2 days of strictly cardio. This can be anything from interval training to longer slower paced endurance cardio. Normally after a lift session if I have time I will do a quick mile or so before I finish with abs.
So today is spinning day. I have only taken a couple "real" spinning classes, normally I just do my own thing.
Riding at the gym, distance does not matter to me so much as time spent huffing and puffing. Todays workout should be about an hour and a half. 1 hour spinning, 5-10 min cool down (medium paced walk on 6 incline, gradually working back down to 1)
If you don,t have a gym membership, a good piece of equipment to have is a trainer. These can be pricey so do your homework, I say recycle... buy used. Just know what your looking for so you don't get junk, check reviews on the products.
Need a good "in training" and recovery drink, try Accelarade. Actually I'm all out. I will see if I can't get you all some samples (myself included)

Thats it for now, I have a car to go work on.

More to come later...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tip of the Day

Well I made it, broke a sweat and didn't even need the inhaler, though I came close (I don't have asthma if you are wondering), thats when you know it was good!

Heres the tip,
After a good hard workout I always feel its best to get something in your body within about 45 minutes for recovery and refueling. This could be a good time for a protein drink made with milk, or a good protein or energy bar. Remember your body needs to refuel after a workout in order to build muscle and get stronger. This also holds true in the world of Adventure, especially after a long day of "shredding the nar". Speaking of snowboarding, its almost that time of the year here on the east coast and I have the itch Those of you in CO, you are envied. I think I'm about due for another trip here soon, Lord willing.

My workout tonight consisted of 3 key elements...
all upper body lifting

1 - Explosive movements (plyometrics)
* plyo-pushups
* explosive bench press, up fast down slow
* explosive military press
* karate punches w/15lb weights, it looks super corny but it's killer if you finish out your whole set

2 - Endurance
* rested no more than 30 sec in between each set and new lift, but rotated though all the lifts for a full hour

3 - Form
* what good is your workout if you have bad form?
* use less weight if you are swinging like a chimpanzee

I like this workout because it goes hand in hand with anaerobic and specific "upper body sports"

Cardio Lift Session

Out for a cardio lift...
i.e. work out hard and fast, break a sweat and grab your inhaler lol!

This workout is geared toward sports that involve more fast twitch muscles like WW Kayaking, Martial Arts , Speed Climbing. Its also a good way to mix up the work out, think muscle confusion!

Tonight for me will be mainly upper body (chest, shoulders, back and arms). It will be a continuous workout going from one lift to the next with minimal stoppage in between. Entire workout should last at least an hour.

If I don't come home in 2 hours, someone please call an ambulance, nah I think I got it.

My first ever!

I just want to take a moment to welcome you all to my first ever Blog. It wasn't that long ago that I was interested in the idea of blogging or even know much about it until now. Got to give a shout out to Nelly for getting me hooked. Check her out at, good stuff if your looking for information on nutrition!
I welcome everyones feedback and thoughts regarding your own Adventure in Fitness.

Until later...