Thursday, December 3, 2009

Get yer GU

The GU arrived yesterday!

This stuff is an excellent energy supplement. Used by tri-athletes almost all the time. Its a quick shot of energy that lasts about an hour or so. Stay hydrated while using one of the GU packets though, this helps with staying energized.

I tried the Exspresso Love and really liked it. The consistency might take some getting used to, but its easy to ingest (goes down quick) which is why I think runners and tri-athletes like them.

I was not in a race yesterday at all, rather spent the day shoveling dirt. I used the GU Chomps during the day and a GU about 15 min before I left for the gym. I'm not gonna lie I definitely had more energy at the gym than usual, and this was after an already strenuous day. Im convinced...