Saturday, November 21, 2009

Its good to be Flexible

Last nights spinning session was a bust, actually I didn't even make it to the gym because of time. It worked out fine though because I had time this morning to get to the gym (and I got to workout with my wife, double bonus).
This is where it is good to be flexible, yes its good to be able to touch your toes too, but thats not what I am getting at just yet.
I have found that keeping your workout schedule to be flexible is very important, because things do come up, everyone needs a vacation, and time is usually of the essence. Its not worth getting discouraged for missing a workout, or not being able to for a little while. Your body needs time to recover and extra rest here and there is necessary.
Usually some of my best workouts come a couple days after a week long break. Just a little word of advice

Have some sample products coming in soon...
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Fun question...

What is your favorite pre and post workout eats?
My answer
Pre - a wheat bagel w/2 T Smart Balance PB, sometimes more cause I like PB, glass of crystal light
Post - EAS 100% whey protein shake made with 1 banana, fat free milk, few ice cubes, some more PB and flax meal