Thursday, November 26, 2009

Pre-Stuffing Ride

Its Thanksgiving and that usually means a lot of eating and lounging around and yes a lot of sleeping (that turkey will knock you out).
Just got back from a brisk ride. It was nice to get back on my bike even (its been in storage due to moving) though it was cold. It was a short ride (approx. 15 miles) but got a burn going here and there.

This will most likely be a rest week for me in terms of strenuous workouts mainly due to the traveling and holiday. Like I said before, rest will do you good, your body will thank you. Some of you might be like me, you get antsy if your sitting around to long so here is a quick little workout that should give you a quick pump but not strain you to much.

I find its best to do this first thing in the morning to get yourself going, but that's just my preference.

Push-Pull-Sit up. This whole routine should take no more than 10 min.

Push up 10 of each set. If you need to you can modify your push ups by kneeling, but remember to keep your back flat still
- triangle (hands make a triangle)
- military (hands directly at your side inline with about your sternum)
- standard

Pull up 7-10 of each. If you have a bar, also if you rock climb try using the jam above your doorway. Its hard but it is great for finger and grip strength (I like these) its works like a campus board. When I first started doing these it was about 5-7 max, now I am up to 12 or more.
- close
- regular

Sit ups 10-12 of each
- single knee up, one leg straight down, then switch
- knees up crunches
- oblique v-ups switch sides
- concentration crunches (these should be done very slow and concentrate on keeping your abs tight the entire way up and down, 5-7 on these)

There you go, your all done and your ready to feast away!

What are you most thankful for?

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!