Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tip of the Day

Well I made it, broke a sweat and didn't even need the inhaler, though I came close (I don't have asthma if you are wondering), thats when you know it was good!

Heres the tip,
After a good hard workout I always feel its best to get something in your body within about 45 minutes for recovery and refueling. This could be a good time for a protein drink made with milk, or a good protein or energy bar. Remember your body needs to refuel after a workout in order to build muscle and get stronger. This also holds true in the world of Adventure, especially after a long day of "shredding the nar". Speaking of snowboarding, its almost that time of the year here on the east coast and I have the itch Those of you in CO, you are envied. I think I'm about due for another trip here soon, Lord willing.

My workout tonight consisted of 3 key elements...
all upper body lifting

1 - Explosive movements (plyometrics)
* plyo-pushups
* explosive bench press, up fast down slow
* explosive military press
* karate punches w/15lb weights, it looks super corny but it's killer if you finish out your whole set

2 - Endurance
* rested no more than 30 sec in between each set and new lift, but rotated though all the lifts for a full hour

3 - Form
* what good is your workout if you have bad form?
* use less weight if you are swinging like a chimpanzee

I like this workout because it goes hand in hand with anaerobic and specific "upper body sports"

Cardio Lift Session

Out for a cardio lift...
i.e. work out hard and fast, break a sweat and grab your inhaler lol!

This workout is geared toward sports that involve more fast twitch muscles like WW Kayaking, Martial Arts , Speed Climbing. Its also a good way to mix up the work out, think muscle confusion!

Tonight for me will be mainly upper body (chest, shoulders, back and arms). It will be a continuous workout going from one lift to the next with minimal stoppage in between. Entire workout should last at least an hour.

If I don't come home in 2 hours, someone please call an ambulance, nah I think I got it.

My first ever!

I just want to take a moment to welcome you all to my first ever Blog. It wasn't that long ago that I was interested in the idea of blogging or even know much about it until now. Got to give a shout out to Nelly for getting me hooked. Check her out at, good stuff if your looking for information on nutrition!
I welcome everyones feedback and thoughts regarding your own Adventure in Fitness.

Until later...