Thursday, November 19, 2009

My first ever!

I just want to take a moment to welcome you all to my first ever Blog. It wasn't that long ago that I was interested in the idea of blogging or even know much about it until now. Got to give a shout out to Nelly for getting me hooked. Check her out at, good stuff if your looking for information on nutrition!
I welcome everyones feedback and thoughts regarding your own Adventure in Fitness.

Until later...


  1. Thanks! It is an interesting concept...but it makes sense...real people instead of commercials!
    I think you should tell about Family Fitness and adventures.....What are some good products for adventure fitness and what is worth spending on....
    Lookin forward to reading AJP

  2. A nice rack for starters, go used or go broke. I got a whole thule set up with stand up bike racks for $150 (over $600 new). You need to carry your gear!!

    I will keep you posted on any new findings

  3. Nice reading your blog AJP! Interesting to see your fitness regimine and get ideas for my clients. I train and do some lifecoaching and exercising outside is a double wammy!!!! So invigorating! I personally like to hike and get off on the scenery. Keep coming up with tips for all of us exercisers who enjoy the outdoors!