Friday, November 20, 2009

Its Friday!

One of my favorite sports is cycling, but many times mother nature does not always cooperate. So what do I do? Get on the bike anyway, at the gym of course.
During the week as I mix up my routine, I like to throw in at least 2 days of strictly cardio. This can be anything from interval training to longer slower paced endurance cardio. Normally after a lift session if I have time I will do a quick mile or so before I finish with abs.
So today is spinning day. I have only taken a couple "real" spinning classes, normally I just do my own thing.
Riding at the gym, distance does not matter to me so much as time spent huffing and puffing. Todays workout should be about an hour and a half. 1 hour spinning, 5-10 min cool down (medium paced walk on 6 incline, gradually working back down to 1)
If you don,t have a gym membership, a good piece of equipment to have is a trainer. These can be pricey so do your homework, I say recycle... buy used. Just know what your looking for so you don't get junk, check reviews on the products.
Need a good "in training" and recovery drink, try Accelarade. Actually I'm all out. I will see if I can't get you all some samples (myself included)

Thats it for now, I have a car to go work on.

More to come later...

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